fertico2 systems

Growing, producing and selling is your job – fertico2 takes care of CO2 fertilisation!

You manage a modern, large-scale greenhouse and quality is your top priority. To obtain the best-possible yield, the help of the latest technological equipment is required. With fertico2 you are receiving a state-of-the-art exhaust gas purification plant. We supply catalysts designed to match your CHP plant precisely and which offer extreme cleaning of exhaust gases. The lower the clean gas value, the less ventilation is required in the greenhouse, saving you energy and money.


As much as necessary – as little as possible!

Reliable, long-lasting system components are an essential part of the fertico2 system. Our sensors are reduced to a minimum without losing sight of the safety standards and stipulations of the insurance companies. These attributes reduce maintenance work to a minimum. fertico2 runs for a complete growing season without maintenance or calibration.

Reliable CO2 systems

Outstanding Technology

fertico2 is made from high-quality materials throughout. Stainless steel combined with Teflon guarantees a long service life of the components. A robust, eccentric screw pump provides pulsation-free pumping of urea and the direct installation on the tank ensures short suction distances and minimises wear. A closed control loop of the reducing agent guarantees NOx values < 10ppm. The flow meter works continuously according to the magnetic-inductive principle and has no moving parts. The flow meter therefore has a long service life and enables detailed reports of urea consumption. The excellent, long-lasting performance of the catalysts installed in fertico2 has already been proven in various installations, with values of 20,000 Oph and higher being not unusual. Thanks to our many years of experience we are able to select the best catalyst for you in order to obtain this performance.

When these properties are combined, availabilities of up to 98% are achieved!

  • Urea tank
  • Urea pump
  • Control cabinet
    Urea dosing
    C2H4 measuring device
    NO + NO2 analysis
  • Urea injection
  • Catalyst

24/7 Service

SERVICE is of primary importance at fertico2!

Preventive maintenance

Replace components before they fail: thanks to fixed, predictable maintenance intervals you avoid unnecessary downtimes and maintain CO2 production at the highest levels. With high availability and efficiency, your investment in fertico2 becomes much more economical.

Catalyst service

For older CO2 systems, servicing the catalyst can be the more economical solution. Our laboratory department examines and assesses the catalyst and provides an advance diagnosis. This diagnosis enables a reliable declaration on remaining lifetime and whether or not replacement is necessary.

Catalyst Remote Control (CaReCon)

With CaReCon, data can be accessed anywhere and any time. By allowing access to machine-specific information, you enable a remote diagnosis to take place. The remote tool “CaReCON” enables you to monitor, start and stop CO2 production from the comfort of your living room, and to intervene if there is a fault.



  • Remote maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid response
  • Always available

Minimal breakdowns - High yields

Our Partners

One maintenance session per season is normally sufficient to enable fault-free operation of the fertico2 systems. Nevertheless, even with the very best technology breakdowns and defects can occur. To keep downtimes to a minimum, we use local partner workshops and warehouses located near to the installations. This avoids long journeys and waiting times; local personnel have received thorough training from H+H Service. In addition, our specialists in Germany are available via remote maintenance access to identify problems and in some cases to resolve them remotely. This saves time and money.